August 8, 2014

Has anyone feed Flint river ranch or Orijen dog food?

Question by Cane Corso Mom: Has anyone used Flint river ranch or Orijen dog food?
If you have do you like it? Is it worth it? I researched it and it has human grade ingredients, what is your take on these 2 dog foods.
Thank you for your answers, they helped!!

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Answer by Jen
My breeder uses and is a distributor for Flint River Ranch … but I found it gave my dog terrible gas and “soft serve ice cream” poop. Ick. So, I don’t use it.

I’ve looked at Orijen and thought about using it, but Canidae has a fish formula that is comparable and available in more places. Since I travel with my dog a lot … availability is a huge thing to me. Cuz if something gets wrecked on a road trip with the dog, it’s usually the dog food …

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  1. ReddyLee says:

    Flint River's quality doesn't even begin to touch on the quality of Orijen. Worlds apart–I found out the hard way.

    Orijen is a great dog food, but as it is grain free and high in protein, it really souldn't be used to a moderately active or innactive dog. A dog that goes on multiple brisk tough walks a day, or runs, and does a lot of play is the best choice for a food like Orijen. Likewise for working dogs with tough jobs and activity.

    Flint River gave our dog the soft-serves, along with the rescues we had at the time and our friend's three dogs. It gave our bulldog horrible rashes in his folds. We've never encountered a wheat free, soy free, corn free food that was so horrible. I was really disappointed.

    If you are interested in good human grade foods, try anything on the website that is ranked a 5 or 6 star. Innova, Fromm's, Wellness, etc. are great choices. If you're looking for something like FRR that actually works (and in fact is better!), try Innova or Fromm's. Wellness, I find, is okay, but tends to produce a lot more poop and can be a bit harsh on the system for many dogs. It is a hit or miss type food.

    Good luck!!

  2. Jane Marple says:

    I used Orijen for a while. My dog loved the taste (he's kind of picky) but after 2 weeks on it he became very restless, he whined all the time cause he had a surplus of energy and even though I run him each day it was not enough. He's now on Wellness and we're both quite happy with it.

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