Good names for a female Rottweiler?

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Valerie: What are good names for a female Rottweiler?
I’m looking into getting a rottweiler puppy and i’m not sure what to name it. The puppy will be female. I have a Labrador and Boston Terrier now, named Samantha, and Trixie, so not those names.
I like the name “Tiny” as a funny name for her, since Rottweilers aren’t tiny.
If any one could suggest names that are similar to that, or even regular dog names that would help!
female Rottweiler
Photo Credit: starsandspirals/Flickr
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Answer by Caroline
Tiny is cute! 2 syllable names are usually the best dog names for your dog to understand.

Answer by Raylaena
At one point, I had a Rotti named Raegan…her name was thought of from the movie “Exorcist”, though I spelled it differently…I also had another Rotti (not at the same time as Raegan, mind you) named Onyx…try those! :D

Answer by give the homeless do

Two-syllable names that end with an a,e,i,o,u, or y sounds are the best. I have a Rottweiler now, and her name is Gera, after a town in Germany. But I like Gera, Jazzy, Tahoe, and Charlie for girl dogs. I hope you’re adopting her from a shelter or a rescue (that’s where I got Gera, the sweetest Rottie I’ve ever known), or a really good breeder. Good Luck with your Rottie! They’re awesome! :)

Answer by Kara S
Rottweilers are great dogs. The name Tiny is a great name. It’s unique and would be great for a big dog. Here are some other names you might like for her:
Bella(Means beautiful)
Natasha(Can call her Tasha)

When you look at your dog, you will know the name that suits her and her personality. I like to give my dogs names that are unique and fit their personality.
Best of luck with your Rottweiler. They are great dogs that are smart, very loyal, loving and playful dogs. Best of luck with all of your dogs. Hope I helped.

Answer by ArtFl
Try Russian female dog names. They are unusual and nice sounding.

Answer by Si B
Tiny is a good name, you should pick a name that you like but also a name that is suited to your dog if/when you get her just get to know her and her personality and then pick a name that is suited. Hope I’ve helped

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  1. Tony says

    my friends female rotty was called Bubbles.. it was hilarious as she used to call her, and everyone would turn to expect something small and fluffy, but no! a stomping big rotty, with her tongue hanging out, it was great!

  2. jamaicatallie says

    I like Kaya, Isis, Kali, Mia…short and catchy. They are also names of goddesses (Kali & Isis)

  3. Bobbie L says

    Do you know how many thousands of times people have asked, here, what should I name my dog? It's YOUR dang dog, and YOUR decision. Again, normal people name their dogs once they get to know their personalities, so why as a bunch of total strangers?? You don't even have the dog, so why even think about a name?

    • Paul says

      Bobbie L. shut up and have some fun. Don't be so against the world. Gee-whiz.

      Anyway, a good name for a female rottie could be, RottieGirl or Bobbie. :)

  4. *tash* says

    (the above names are just jokey like tiny)

    i'm rubbish with female dog names lol but i hope that helped a little

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