Dogs Look Like Owners

Psychologists are still arguing whether dogs look like owners. A number of experiments were carried out, and a lot of money was spent on these purposes. Researches from University of California as well as their colleagues in England were asking dozens of subjects in their studies to match pictures of numerous dog owners with their dogs' pictures. They were happy to find out that more than half the time the subjects were able to match successfully.

Other psychologists from University of South Carolina immediately challenged all these findings and moved the debate to a standstill.

Instead of spending the money all those researchers should have better asked the dog owners for the answer. Every dog lover knows for sure that dogs do look like their owners.

If the pet becomes a member of our family not by chance there is a strong possibility that we will choose a dog that resembles the owner. Our desire to save ourselves from loneliness, or to get a guard, or to acquire a companion usually translates into the hope to find someone of our kind. And most of the time we unconsciously choose a dog nearest to our personality.

After becoming our pet the dog will inevitably absorb some of our characteristics and behavior making dog and owner look alike. It is especially evident when it comes to female owners.

One more researcher from Canada says that women are choosing their future pets in accordance with their haircuts. In his opinion, women with long hair prefer long-eared dogs, and those with short haircuts like short-coated dogs. The conclusions of this researcher are also debatable.

Please look at the following pictures and make your own decision whether dogs look like owners or not.

matching_pairPhoto Credit: Randy Son Of Robert/Flickr

Isn't it a matching pair? And what about the next one?

dogs_owners_collidePhoto Credit: Gavatron/Flickr

Do this dog and owner collide?

dog_like_ownerPhoto Credit: Cocoa Dream/Flickr

And how do you like this girl and her dog?

dogs_owners_alikePhoto Credit: colorblindPICASO/Flickr

This couple has won the "Dogs Look Like Owners" contest.

Photo Credit: jmb1977/Flickr

And this couple failed. Until next time!

canine_owner_alikePhoto Credit: LollypopFarm/Flickr

Dogs really do look like their owners! Researchers say that the resemblance is no coincidence, and they have found that strangers can identify owners and their dogs with an 80 per cent accuracy.

Professor Coren from the University of British Columbia has found that when women were shown portraits of dogs and asked how friendly and loyal they looked, they would favour the ones that shared similar hairstyles.

He told The Times: "There's a phenomenon in psychology called the ‘mere exposure' effect. If you see something a lot, you tend to develop affection for it. One of the things we see all the time is our own face."



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