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Russian guard dogs are famous for their strength, firm protective instinct and devotion to their owners. The Caucasian Mountain Dog and the Central Asian Dog are topping the all-breeds list of guard dogs. But are these Russian dogs right for you?

Please watch this Caucasian dog video to know the breed better.

The Central Asian Dog is gentler than the Caucasian dog. Watch this “sweet pair” of Central Asians enjoying their time.

If properly trained and socialized the Caucasian dog can really become a good family member. This family is sure that it is the best breed in the world!

Make your choice now!

Some of your comments

AD: Jesus Christ! The guy in the first video has some issues as I think most owners who want specific aggressive dogs do. Where in the world do you live that you think you need such an aggressive dog. I think these types of people have such grandiose ideas that they are soo special and important that everyone wants to harm them (get over yourself). The chances of an innocent person getting hurt are far more greater having this type of dog than the chances of something happening that you feel the need to have this type of dog. These types have people, especially the guys, are trying to compensate for something, and I think that something is in their panties.

Kyle: Although I don’t want the breed in its original form to be ruined, it would be nice if they could breed some “friendly” variants of this dog. I really love the look of this dog, but I don’t think I’d want or need such an aggressive dog unless I had a farm or had some real security concerns or something. But if I could have an identical dog that wasn’t nearly as aggressive, that would be very cool.

This is the most horrible injustice to a breed of dog I think I have ever seen. These dogs are acting aggressive because their owners are really stupid. Dumb doesn’t cover it. I guess ignorant is better. the woman doing the “temperament testing” is agitating the puppies and causing them to react negatively because of the way she is treating them. This is not a test of their innate “aggressiveness” but their reaction to being mistreated at a young and defenseless puppy. they are babies and don’t understand why they are being grabbed and shaken. This is a threat to them. The stupid man who insists on “walking” the dog he can’t control is a danger to himself and his dog. If he can’t control it, even, as he says using a CHOKE collar, he has no business taking it outside of a confined area. He is putting himself and the dog at risk by taking it out uncontrolled then allowing the dog to chase a car. These dogs that are aggressive are so because of mishandling, lack of knowledgeable owners, terrible misconceptions about the origins of behaviors in their dogs, and massive “breedism” that blames the breed of the dog for its behavior. And with the woman in the film who “raises” them, the young puppies are subjected to threatening behavior by humans at a very young age, a dangerous precedent.

Good “guard” dogs are under control at all times and trained to stop the arousal mode on command. They don’t drag their handlers down the street on the seat of their pants chasing cars, dogs, and people, and they don’t need to be choked! Can you imagine the police using a dog like in the video? Outrageous!

Temperament testing at 4-8 weeks of age has been shown to be useless in predicting the adult temperament of dogs. At that age the dog hasn’t gone through all the stages of development and is still very malleable. All it shows is the behavior of the dog at the time of the test, how the dog reacts to the test. If the test is combative, so may be the puppy too. These temperament testing people don’t know what they are talking about. This can be confirmed in the behavior literature. Temperament testing is valuable only to determine the adult dog’s temperament after the dog reaches sexual and social maturity. And it should not involve agitation of the dog. In the above video, the breeder (what a tragedy someone with her ignorance is a breeder) deliberately harasses the puppies and blames their response on the dog’s breed! What nonsense! And this advice goes out to the buyers of her puppies!

Dubbelemeter: May be there is a Market for a house line and a worker line for breeding.
I Have a caucasian mountain dog and a graet pyr and Although I love her and became a lot calmer the last years I will not take a other one. B ut for them who want one I can recomand the following
1 large garden with a high fence (2000 square meters is no luxuary)
2 use doublé Gates like an airlock
3 make a dog pastieur to put him away with visitors who are scared (they notice It immediately)
4 no outside kennel ( the dog loves his family and only wants to be with them and gives the best socialisation effect
5 If you s crew It up It wil take a lot of time retraining (certenly not for beginners)
6 do not train as a gard or protection dog like you train a German shepard (hè will kill you by accident or Someone else
7 lots of hair (be prepaired to vacuum on a daily basis)
8 Hunter instinct (always keep on a leash when walking )
9 when in doubt please don, t (It took me almost 4 years before I starten really trusting her, but then she came From a dogpound and was mistreated)
10 If you do It right a fantastic loyal dog even with children who will give its live for you.

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  1. Mia Naseth-Phillips says

    I live in Minnesota and think this breed is wonderful. I had a Rottie 20 years ago with my 2 year old.daughter. Thenninvestment in training was critical. How is this breed with children?

  2. yangluc says

    I love the dog. I currently live in America and planning to relocate in Kenya. I would like to own a female and male puppy of the caucasian mountain dog. Pls help.

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