Russian Puppies

Keeping Your Borzoi Puppy Healthy

Borzoi puppy

The Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound, is a ‘sighthound’, originally bred to pursue, or "course", game.  Their hunting instinct means that Borzois are generally better with adults and older children, or in a home with only other dogs.  New owners should be mindful that, although Borzois have a … [Read more...]

How to get a Caucasian Ovcharka?

Caucasian Ovcharka puppy

Once you have decided that you can commit to owning a Caucasian Ovcharka then the next step is to find the puppy of your dreams. Buying a Caucasian puppy is not as straightforward as looking on the internet – you won't find what you are looking for easily. Caucasian Ovcharka research The trick to … [Read more...]

Caucasian Ovcharka Male Puppies

Caucasian Ovcharka Puppie

Caucasian Ovcharka Male puppies for sale (Las Vegas) Caucasian Ovcharka male pups from Est-Alfa Kennel (established in 1982, register by FCI in 1993).Breeding CO for 30 years. Among our dogs are WORLD, EURO, RUS, MEX, EST, POL, USA & etc.CHAMPIONS. We produce high Show and working quality … [Read more...]

Russian Small Puppies

Bolonka Boy PH1

If you're interested in a cute small or tiny dog please view this selection of Russian small puppies offered for sale. Among Russian dogs that are mostly large and heavy there are two perfect breeds for small dogs lovers - the Russian Bolonka and the Russian Toy. The Russian Toy is the only … [Read more...]