Russian Puppies

How can I find Russian Toy Terrier in UK ?


Lynndie Sunday: why i cant find Russian Toy Terrier in UK ? I love this dog breed Russian Toy terrier, I'm ready to buy it, but i cant find it UK. I'm not interesting in English Toy Terrier. I know they alike and I'm not going to buy it, because I'm in love with Russian Toy Terrier. Answers … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Borzoi Puppy Healthy

Borzoi puppy

The Borzoi, or Russian Wolfhound, is a ‘sighthound’, originally bred to pursue, or "course", game.  Their hunting instinct means that Borzois are generally better with adults and older children, or in a home with only other dogs.  New owners should be mindful that, although Borzois have a … [Read more...]