Russian German Shepherd

Russian German shepherd, Ovcharka

The East-European Shepherd, often called the Russian German shepherd, is a Soviet dog variation of the German Shepherd. This Russian dog breed is larger and heavier built than its German ancestor. It has a powerful and muscular frame, a massive head with dark, oval shaped eyes, and long, vertical … [Read more...]

Moscow Watchdog

Moscow Dog

Among Russian guard dogs there is a unique Moscow dog, which combines great watching and guarding abilities with tenderness of a companion pet. The Moscow Watchdog is a Russian dog breed, developed in the Soviet Union after the WWII.  This Soviet dog is very large and heavy, it has a massive, … [Read more...]

Black Russian Terrier

Dog's nose

The Black Russian Terrier (BRT), commonly known as Black terrier or just Blackie is quickly gaining in popularity in Europe and North America. This large Russian dog definitely represents one of the top Russian breeds.  Its majestic black beauty and well-muscled, large-boned frame  inevitably … [Read more...]