Big Russian Dogs

Large Russian dogs from heavy built Russian shepherds - Ovcharka guard dogs - to elegant Borzoi.

Yakutian Laika – A New Ancient Dog Breed

yakut laika dog

Yakutian Laika (Yakut Laika) is a newly developed dog breed with an ancient history. It is a working breed that originates from the Yakutia region of the Russian Siberia and can be used for sledding, hunting, reindeer herding, as well as a family pet. This kind of Laikas is a close relative of the … [Read more...]

Russian German Shepherd

Russian German shepherd, Ovcharka

The East-European Shepherd, often called the Russian German shepherd, is a Soviet dog variation of the German Shepherd. This Russian dog breed is larger and heavier built than its German ancestor. It has a powerful and muscular frame, a massive head with dark, oval shaped eyes, and long, vertical … [Read more...]

Moscow Watchdog

Moscow Dog

Among Russian guard dogs there is a unique Moscow dog, which combines great watching and guarding abilities with tenderness of a companion pet. The Moscow Watchdog is a Russian dog breed, developed in the Soviet Union after the WWII.  This Soviet dog is very large and heavy, it has a massive, … [Read more...]