July 25, 2014

Do Great Dane pups always inherit their parents’ color?

Question by Campong T: Do Great Danes pups always inherit the color of their parents?
If both parents are fawn is there any chance that their pups will be harlequin, black, blue , brindle etc.

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Answer by Mike
no animals only get the color of their parents>>>

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  1. no not always but they do sometimes

  2. as a blanket question I would have said no– BUT fawn is the most recessive color so two fawns produce all fawns

  3. In short, no, not always.

    It comes down to genetics and dominant and recessive genes of the dame and sire, which in turn has been influenced by their parents and so on.

    The best way to get an indication of the colour is to go to a good breeder and ask what the expected colours of the pups are.

    If you're getting a pup, get it form a good breeder (not a pet-shop which are often supplied by puppy farms) who will answer all your questions and have bred the dogs to have the lowest genetic problems as possible.

  4. doglove70 says:

    Depends. If two mantle dogs are bred, there is every chance that there will be black, harlequin or merle puppies in the litter; although it's more likely you'll have more mantles than anything else.

  5. markmartin4life says:

    Dog gene's work the same way human gene's do, they have dominant and recessive traits, which includes fur color, so yes it is possible.

  6. Goldenly Addicted says:

    The pups can get recessive genes. Eventhough the Dam & Sire are fawn, maybe one of their ancestors were not fawn. So it's possible…

  7. Bestyouevahad says:

    No they do not. They can inherit the color of their ancestors as well. So if their Grandsire(Grandpa) Was harlequin good chance a pup might come out the same

  8. no not always. dont ever think taht. the puppies could come out purple with green polka dots on it.

    & please answer mine. im hella desperate. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=Av1O

  9. сlαrαв says:

    It's possible for the to be born a different color than their parents. It's all in the genes

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