Do Great Dane dogs need a big house and a big backyard?

: do Great Danes need a big house and a big backyard? And are they good family dogs?
i was thinking of a great dane for my family. do they need lots of room and a big backyard? do you know any good dog breeders that breed lots of types of dogs in ontario canada.

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Answer by Katie Renee
Yes, they are big dogs, so they need tons of room to run.

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  1. Lexi Brown says

    They are amazing family dogs!!! And no they don't need TONs of room. A yard would be nice but not a must. These dogs are quite the couch potatos. They tend to think they are lap dogs as well. It is a sight to see I tell you!! I would do your research bout the breeds health problems. Also with this breed its easy for their stomachs to flip and can be very painful death. This happens when they eat and then run or play. So make sure they get a good 30-45 minute nap after eatting before play. Now I did say they were lazy… This does not mean they don't need walked. They do. Good luck. Great breed.

  2. Dignity of a Dane says

    No, no, and yes!

    Great Danes are large, but make GREAT apartment dogs because of their calm, laid back nature. They're graceful indoors and are able to maneuver well around furniture and in tight spots. Danes are also LAZY. They will be content to lay around most of the day, with a 30-60 minute walk once per day. Puppies are obviously a bit more high strung, but not as bad as puppies of other breeds. Because they are calm and gentle, they are good family dogs. They tend to be good-natured and friendly. They will engage in protective behavior, though, should a "stranger" come to the door, so be wary of that.

    You do NOT want a breeder that "breeds lots of types of dogs". GOOD breeders will stick to one breed or maybe two. Your best bet would be to contact the Great Dane Club of Canada and find a breeder there.

  3. Serendipity xo. says

    Actually no they don't, Danes can live in a normal house hold even apartments as long as they have lots of exercise 30 – 60 minutes each day! .

    You need to research this breed before buying one, contact local breeders get to know the dogs, go to dog shows etc.

    Most reputable ethical breeders only breed 1 or 2 types of dogs NOT "lots", please make sure you buy from a reputable ethical breeder – they will do health testing, spay/castration contracts, return to owner contracts etc.

  4. onelove says

    Great Danes are big dogs but surprisingly, love to lounge around the house. They will need space and outdoor time, but they enjoy trying to fit on your lap while you sit and watch tv.

  5. Dog Section Regular says

    Not necessarily, and a good breeder doesn't breed "lots of types of dogs." There are no "types," there are BREEDS.

    They are great family dogs.

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