Difference between American Bulldog and American Pitbull

Wendy: What is the difference between American Bulldog and American Pitbull?
Just want to know the difference between an American Bulldog and an American Pitbull. And if you have an American Bulldog do you have to worry about the same problems that you have with Pitbulls?
American Bulldog
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Answer by Just the facts
NEITHER are real/recognized breeds!!!
The so-called Am.Bulldiog is a MUTT/MONGREL -made by crooks from pit types,boxers & bulldogs & lord knows whar other junk.
There *IS* a real breed called Am.Pit Bull TERRIER-UKC
& an Am.Staffordshire Terrier =AKC
& a Staffordshire Bull Terrier=AKC
There 's NO Am. Pitbull-that's ignorance or CROOKS talking.

Answer by Susie

I keep hearing that they are different breeds, but that's not what my research has found. Their origins and history are identical. The American Pit Bull Terrier is a recognized breed among the different breeders associations while the American Bulldog is either not recognized or said to have gone extinct in the 60's or 70's.
Some say the bulldog is slim and the pit is stocky while others say the bulldog is stocky and the pit is slim. Pits are supposed to have smaller ears, but if they are uncropped the ears are big and floppy. Pits are supposed to be 21 inches and under while bulldogs are supposed to be 22 inches and over, but breeders and owners have reported both breeds from 18 to 28 inches tall. Both have the exact same temperament, and neither are aggressive to people or other pets unless they are trained to be or poorly bred which causes temperament problems in all breeds. Pits who have attacked people were either trained to attack strangers or sicked on the person they attacked. It has been suggested, and is very possible, that breeders adopted the bulldog name from the extinct breed in order to sell puppies when pits were widely avoided and even made illegal in some areas.
Fun Fact: Most dog attacks that occur are small or toy breeds. They outnumber all medium and large breed attacks combined. You just don't hear about them as often because Pit Bull Attack sells more copies than Chihuahua Attack.

Answer by kascade7
American Bull dogs are gorgeous, my brother in law used to have one. They are much larger and stockier-when Hannibal was a 9 month old puppy this guy let his pit bull run at him and hannibal grabbed his head in his jaw and threw the pit bull. I like pit bulls too though, but they seem to be much smaller. I also like the coat of the American bull dog better, they tend to have a reddish color or black with white fur, while pit bulls tend to be brindle colored.

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  1. KellyO says

    As man's best friend the American Bulldog sometimes referred to as the Old Country Bulldog truly lives up to this. The American Bulldog symbolizes true love, devotion and grit. Often they are describes as athletic, all purpose, hardy working dogs. They have been widely known to conduct great heroic acts to protect its owner. The American Bulldog is strong, stocky dog that has a short coat that is stiff to touch. This breeds coat is white or white with patches that are either red (i.e. any shade of tan) or brindle. In addition, the American Bulldogs ears are usually uncropped.

    There are two different types of the American Bulldog. They are the Classic or the Johnson, Bully and the Standard or the Scott, Performance. The Scott, Performance is often times confused with its second cousin the American Pit Bull Terrier. The current American Bulldog is a combination of the Scott type and Johnson type dog which has a shorter muzzle, but is a larger dog. In comparison to the Johnson and the Scott breeds, the American Bulldog has a much more massive build.

    Pit Bulls are not a specific breed. Many use the term "pit bull" to refer to the American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and Staffordshire Bull Terrier,or any dog with significant mixes of these breeds.

    Many states (Colorado and Florida to name just a few) have laws barring ownership of any Pit Bull type dog, others (like California) makes spaying/neutering any Pit Bull manadatory.

    Many homeowners' insurance companies in the United States are reluctant to insure owners of dogs that are considered to be a dangerous breed.

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