Cropping ovcharka dog ears in the UK?

123456: Cropping/clipping ears in the u.k?
how come this guy haad it done on his dogs? watch any videos of central asian ovcharkas and his bully kutas, and they all had their ears cropped. why is this? does the government allow this for working dog or something? plz answer
plz watch the videos of the guy.... how did he get them done?

caucasian dog and central asian dog photo

Photo Credit: Ger Dekker/Flickr

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Answer by Nekkid Truth!
Im not familiar with UK laws, but I do believe cropping and docking is allowed on working dogs. Cropping and docking can prevent ear/tail injuries.

possible the cropping was done in another country too.

Answer by Katy
It cannot be done unless the dog is pedigree and a working dog as far as I'm aware, but that may have changed to completely illegal - although it is not illegal in Ireland so a lot of people take their dogs there to do it


The dogs were either imported or he cropped them illegally. There is no working dog exemption for cropping. The only exemption is a medical one.

Answer by ☆ Memphis Belle ~ Nice ‘N’ Tasty ~ ☆

It is legal to import a cropped dog into the UK but not to have a puppy cropped with is illogical as if the procedure is illegal importing cropped dogs should likewise be illegal.

In 1895 King Edward VII expressed his opinion to stop ear cropping to the Kennel Club, so it has indeed been illegal to crop for over one hundred years.

The practice of docking became illegal in England in 2007 with a narrowly construed working dog exemption & is also illegal in Wales & Scotland.

Answer by KHAAAAN!

I'm pretty sure ear cropping is illegal in the UK and tail docking is limited to dogs bred and intended for working purposes.

Answer by ?

I don't think they allow cropping in the UK anymore. In the US they do it because they are livestock guardians and cropping the ears gives animals like coyote, bobcats, bear, etc. less to get a hold of.

30+ years breeding, training and competing with dogs of various breeds, and owned LGDs.

Answer by T

Caucasian Ovcharka's ears are cropped to "preserve" the traditional Ovcharka look. They do not have to be cropped and can be left natural. To my knowledge cropping is banned in the UK


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Photo Credit: Ger Dekker/Flickr



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