Characteristics to look for in a 6-8 week old puppy as an agility dog?

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jessica: What are some characteristics to look for in a 6-8 week old puppy as a pet and an agility dog?
I’m getting a Shetland Sheepdog. I’m just wondering if there are some signs that it could be potentially good at agility. They are all smart, it is just a very intelligent breed. Also, what kind of exercises can you start with a small pup to learn skills to prepare for agility classes when he/she is older? THANKS!

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Answer by sophylakes
speak with AGILITY PEOPLE who are winning with their shelties…. they can refer a breeder…

SEE THE PARENTS,, see their activity levels etc.

as for exercises,,, lay a board flat on the ground, have your pup practice walking on it ( the whole length) THIS MAY NOT BE A SIMPLE AS YOU THINK.

have the pup walk thru a tire standing on the ground

one the dog can walk across the board, put 1 brick ( or book) in the middle underneath , to make a MINIATURE teeter totter,,

*** notice,, no juming involved ,, you must wait til at least 8 months to start in TINY jumps,,,

those should hold you for awhile

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  1. Dog Trainer says

    First of all,do not take a puppy from its mother and litter mates until it is a least 8 weeks old. Then when your pup is 10 weeks old and has two sets of vaccinations, you should enroll your puppy in a dog obedience class. This will give you a foundation for any training forthwith!

    You can go to and research a reputable dog breeder in your area. Since you are interested in an agility competition, check with the breeder, they may have the best resources for you!

  2. Roni says

    i have done agility training infact i have trained for many things service dog work herding. best thing is find a pup that loves play wants to play talk to the breeder about play levels and energy levels play and energy are key also look for a pup that wants to follow and holds attention on you also start small. tires on the ground walking a board then making a small totter by placing a block under use a board on its side and make a small step over to use to get your pup use to jumps but DONT jump your young pup you could hurt them.

  3. bornbombeshell1 says

    enroll your puppy in beginers agility. Local agility centers host puppy classes for that. Any shetland sheepdog can do it so there are really no signs of whether it would be good or not. for excercise, the beginers class plus just playing and a walk every day should be good for a puppy. You don't want to over do them and if you under do them, they will let you know.
    (by going wild and running in the house before bed)

  4. sun_and_moon_1973 says

    As long as the pup is healthy the ability for agility is up to training. You have to make it fun for the dog. You can set up a course and start having the dog follow you while going through it and start with basic commands such as sit/stay/down/come. Good luck and have fun:>)

  5. teener_b says

    Look for a confident, outgoing puppy. One that will look you in the eye and will follow your hand or feet when you move.

    Make sure the parents have been tested for, and cleared of, any genetic diseases common to shelties.

    As a young puppy, don't start it on any agility exercises. Start by socializing it (once it's properly vaccinated) and working on basic obedience such as sit, down, heal, etc. Also get her used to different settings and situations, walking in small areas, etc. Also being handled by other people. And, of course, being comfortable in a crate.

    Good luck!

  6. sun1flower42 says

    you shouldn't start these types of excerises to young because their muscles and bones are still growing and it can actually do more damage then good. As for skill level, shetlands aren't really the best for agility in general( great dogs but are not known for that in particular) I would just try to look for a healthy pup from a GOOD breeder and you should be fine. ( the breeder may have some suggestions as well)Take it for its walks and let him out to run and it will build the muscle it needs to be able to do some agility. If you are looking for a breed for agaility I would recommend a border collie, aussie( that is was I have) even a jack russel. Good luck! its a really fun way to bond with your dog so I hope it goes well.

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