Caucasian Ovcharka Breeder in CA?

CSUN Guy: CA - Caucasian Ovcharka Breeder?

Are there any Caucasian Ovcharka Breeders/Kennels in California (preferably Northern California)? I'd like to see these dogs up close. I haven't been able to spot one locally. Thanks!

Caucasian puppies photo

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Answer by gsdluvrr *pups are 3 wks old!*
Search for Caucasian Ovcharka Club of America on AKC website.
If you contact them, I'm sure that they would love to refer you to a breeder.

Answer by ♥Love♥

They have several Russian imports, puppies due soon, and they will also help you import a dog from Russia.

If you go to the links page of the breed's american club above, they have a list of US breeders and foreign breeders. You can always have one shipped in to you.

Answer by Tamara Follett

ThunderHawk Caucasians is planning two litters this year, with a trip to Russia planned for importing breeding stock for known experienced breeders.

See our new website at: — this is a highly informative website that also offers the book, "Caucasian Ovcharka: The Complete Resource on this Ancient and Mysterious Guardian", 452 pages, 300+ pictures, copies sold around the world.

Answer by Peter Griffin

I'm also looking for a reputable breeder of working Caucasian Ovcharkas... but I cant seem to have any luck finding breeders in the US.... and I dont have the time or the money to travel to Russia to pick up a pup, then fly back with it.

They dont have a rescue for that breed.... Ive checked. There's simply not enough Ovcharkas in the US for there to be one in a rescue.. and even if it were a possibility, I need it for livestock and farm protection so it needs a working drive and certain temperament that most housepets dont have.

Answer by Ruby

The breed club is where I would start first. Here's what I found when I googled it:

A helpful one. I have no idea how legit it is, though.

I don't see a breeder's list, but you could always e-mail somebody from the website and request one.

Answer by Mackenzie

This is a site that leads to a breeder who breeds the Caucasian Ovcharkas breed.

They are in Canada though, I hope that's OK.

Answer by Mup2

I know a great reputable person who breeds (and shows) them.

If you want to contact me.

But really, come to the UKC Premier show in Indiana (near Indy) this summer (July) and meet her! She's really cool. And her dogs are stellar.

Answer by Kunzy D

very rare breed

they aren't even any breeder here

u might have to export one form a reputable breeder in Russia

Answer by Tnt

There's an online forum dedicated to the CO's

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