Do Caucasian mountain shepherds make good pet?

shaun: Caucasian mountain shepherds? ?
I am wanting to get a dog, and I am leaning towards the Caucasian mountain shepherd mainly because of the size and look of them. but do they make a good pet or will I be getting in over my head I don't know anything about them other then they are awesome looking!
caucasian ovcharka attack
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Answer by dan
ovacvhar dogs, are related to the cms... these adogs are extremely large, powerful and dangerous!

Answer by Damon’s Mom
I grew up around 5 of these dogs (3 were absolutely wonderful, the other 2 were dangerous.) so I have a little bit of information to share with you.

Please do your research before getting one of these dogs!
Caucasian Ovcharka dogs are wonderful dogs if brought up by the right owner. These dogs need a FIRM leader and tend to not be good with children. So if you have children in your home or in your neighborhood then this is not the breed of dog for you. They have a very strong protective nature that can cause them to become overly aggressive at times. And even go into a full out rage. If not properly socialized they will snap at humans they do not see as Alphas in an attempt to herd them and show dominance. They do not do well with strangers at all. They have also been known to attack their owners if they view their owners as not “Top dog” or Alpha of the pack.

They do not make good apartment dogs. They also do not make good dogs for small or medium sized yards. They need acreage to really thrive. These dogs do well in the cold because of its thick coat and tend to overheat in hot weather. If these dogs do not have proper exercise and a job they tend to become aggressive, nervous, and will get themselves into a lot of trouble. They have been known to kill chickens, cows, and sheep so if you have neighbors with these animals you will have to make sure your dog is properly trained and introduced to them as a puppy. He/ she will also need to know that is it absolutely out of the question to very go for these or any other animal with the intent to hurt, herd, etc.

If you or your neighbors have cats, or small- medium sized dogs then you should not get this dog. They have a very high prey drive and will and have been known to kill smaller animals even with proper training and having grown up with them.

I hope I could shine some light on this breed. Please keep in mind while not all of the dogs in this breed will be like this you will have to be a strong willed person to train them and keep them under control. Good luck and please try to find another breed of dog.

Answer by Jeannine de Palma
Ovcharka means shepherd dog or dog to graze with sheep. Any breed of dog is dangerous if not bred or raised correct. The South Russian Ovcharka is the toughest, the Caucasian ovcharka is in the middle based on temperament , the central asian ovcharka which varies in type lower. Yes not for average owner but not dangerlous. Some Co and CAo are therapy dogs proving not all created equal.

Answer by ArtFl
I would put them in different order: Caucasian Ovcharka is the toughest, then the Central Asian Ovcharka, and then the South Russian Ovcharka.

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  1. laughing says

    I hate to break it to you, but this is an old breed that hasn't changed at all over time, and was used as Soviet army's guard dogs. These dogs have what is called "rage" meaning they just switch over to attack mode. No tolerance for strangers, no tolerance for anyone that may be threatening, and are highly protective. This dog naturally protects their families, property, other animals, items, etc. But this isn't a warning growl, this is a full-blown reaction.

    They can be socialized, but it is a very tough task, since this is an instinct and from when they are born it is installed in them. That means an 8 week old puppy is already demonstrating this behavior. Too many people get this dog and don't realize how strong and built in this protective nature is and if your dog is 150lbs and upward, that's a daunting task. Most people claim shock collars, chock collars, and prong collars don't ever phase them because they get into "rage" mode where they don't even feel it.

    Plain-and-simple, these dogs don't love anybody but you and your family. It sounds nice, but that means strange people can come onto your property, you can't take them out, vets will have to make home visits, etc.

    The only people I feel should own these dogs are very strong people willing to socialize, professionals in this breed, or someone who needs a protective dog like this to protect a property of some sort.

    Save yourself a heart break and chose a different breed. There are many with those looks!

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