How much would a typical Caucasian mountain dog cost?

Blank Blank: Caucasian mountain dogs?
How much would a typical Caucasian mountain dog cost?
Would the vet bills be expensive?
Are they nice dogs to have?
I was just wondering. Thanks
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Answer by Professor Coldheart!
How 'nice' they are has a lot to do with the temperament of the parents and how they're raised. All dogs need to be well socialized. How healthy the parents are, and how careful the breeder is, will also have a lot do with how healthy the dog is. In general though, they're pretty healthy, but can have problems with hips and obesity. Also, they tend to be very assertive and, in some cases, aggressive. They're not for new or casual dog owners.

That being said, puppies can go for more than two grand. They aren't cheap and they aren't very common.

Answer by Phil:
Eastern europe good stock is anywhere between 600 euros (if you are really lucky) not including the transport fee to 3,000 euros.
UK around 1,200 – 6,000 sterling.
US 1,200 – 14,000 for show winner pups.  although average is 1,200-3,000 US dollars.

But be careful when buying one as their a LOT of cross breeding & negative trait breeding in the US and Canada.  Mixes are even more dangerous than pure breeds as they lose the "love the family at all costs" traits of their personality.

Also a warning, only a strong personality, physically strong, dedicated trainer/experienced owner should ever even consider owning this breed.  After 14 years of owning them they require an expertise I had to learn fast different form training any dog.

I would actually like to see the "dog whisperer" Caesar fix a 4 year old violent, untrained ovcharka :)  As once they are grown and have not been trained they are almost impossible to rehabilitate.

They are expert & quick killers and cannot be stopped if in a real situation unless trained.  It is a shame when the lovely neighbour lady see you outside your fence walking home and then hugs you (doesn't know the dog well) and your ovcharka jumps his fence, usually he stays but sees you in danger (although not) and dispatches this lovely neighbour to be ready for the morgue in a few seconds.

Answer by Gene
Because they're a very rare breed and very few breeders out there, I would assume they're expensive, at least $ 2000.
Because they're a large breed, vet bills will be more expensive than most. That being said, they're inherently in better shape than most other large dogs like Mastiffs and Saint Bernards. But look for CHD to be an issue when it gets older.

If you're looking for an extremely aggressive guard dog, then they're fantastic. I've trained most popular breeds out there, and from what I've heard, these dogs are a different animal. They're one of the oldest and most primitive dogs in existence today. They originated in Europe and were used by the Russian military as guard dogs that were trained to knock down and maim enemies. You'll need a very firm hand with these dogs. There are a lot of very bad rumors about them out there, and I've heard from other trainers that they're a nightmare. I personally tend to wait until I meet one myself. With proper socialization and training any breed is manageable.

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  1. jude says

    hi I have a mountain dog male I bought him of internet im looking for a home for him as hes a big dog dosent like my 19 year old son atall never bit anybody but I feel I need find him home or to a rescue center where thay know about bread

  2. says

    That is, of course, sound advice, Gary. Unfortunately, too many people do not understand the grave consequences in ignoring the guidelines and absolute dedication to socializing and establishing Alpha status. I've seen it over and over and it is a disservice to many fine dogs and breeds generally. Shelters and Rescues are overflowing with every breed of dog because of ignorant people who consider a dog merely as an accessory to be tossed aside when unrealistic expectations are not met.

    • gary marshall says

      I agree with what you say. I have owned Italian and French mastiffs but would love to learn more about the Caucasian mountain dog. I have six acres of land so I do have plenty of room for big dogs.

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