Can you train a Siberian Husky to obey off the leash?

gjbroom92: Can you train a Siberian Husky to the point that you can let them off of the leash?
We have a 5 month old Siberian Husky puppy and everything that I've read says that you cannot train your Husky to the point that you can let them off of the leash due to their working dog instincts. They say that even older Huskys will take off and run for miles and miles. Has anyone been successful in playing/exercising their dog without the leash?

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Answer by J D
I got my Border Collie trained off leash. I do not see any reason why you could not get your dog trained. Any dog is trainable including a Chihuahua. That one even impressed a trainer at a dog obedience school.

Answer by Helene Orenstein

I learned the hard way that siberian huskies cannot be left off leash.  I had 2 beautiful females, that we used shock collars with the underwire fence.  I wish someone had told me they need a good fence and not to be off leash.  I worked with then, had several sets of lessons and they got off our property and someone shot them claiming she thought they were wolves.  An experience I will never get over and I post this to prevent it from happening to someone else. My experience is that no matter how well trained they are, a husky is bred to run and run they will.  Please don't ever take the risk of thinking you will be the one that can train them to stay off leash.

Answer by kristen

I think you may have missed the window of opportunity to train off leash. We started with ours as early as 6 weeks. There was a point around 10 weeks when he became very independent and started running off.

We then started working on call back training at the dog park. This is great for training because there are so many distractions (other dogs) and it's usually a wide open area, but you can rest assured your husky won't be hit by a car, or run too far (the park should be fenced in).

Ours can be trusted off leash, and he is 5 months old. However, it took quite a bit of training. If he's not wearing a leash, he may run off. But if he's wearing it (but we're not holding it, it's dragging behind him) it puts him in the mindset that he needs to stay close.

It's absolutely possible! Just know it will take hard work. Use treats and praise him when he's coming back to you!

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  1. J'sHuSkY says

    With being involved in rescue, racing, and conformation, I've only seen 1 out of 1,000 siberians trained successfully of lead. Chance are you can not. Sorry! It's for their own safety.

  2. Immortale says

    Yes, Sibes have a tendency to run forever because that was what they were initially bred to do, but YES you can get to a point where you can walk/jog/run with them by your side without a leash. Just have to put in the effort to make it happen.

  3. ♫♪ Nekkid Bootie says

    Ive heard of a few people who have huskies off leash.. but even then, I dont think they still trust their dogs 100%.. I believe they still use a remote shock collar on the dog (to properly use one on a husky tho, you have to shave the fur so that the prongs will make contact with the skin)..

    A husky is just not a breed that can be reliably trusted offleash.. even if the dog is 100% recall on a leash.. they are smart enough to know when they are leashed and when they are not.

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