Can I give my dog a soup bone?

Rar: Is it okay to give your dog a soup bone?
I have an 8 month old Briard.
He seems to enjoy them, is it okay?

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Answer by Scousebadger
As long as you take it out of the soup first…

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  1. Moon says

    Yes as long as it's beef and beef only. The reason for this is chicken and pork bones are thin enough that they will splinter as your dog chews and it will tear up their esophagus and stomach on its way down. Beef bones are thick enough not to splinter and are therefore far safer for your dog. I hope this helps.

  2. ♥Dee W. says

    Should be. I give them to my 7 month old Standard Schnauzer. I just make sure that the bone is bigger than the back of his throat. I don't want him to swallow it & get it stuck in odd places! I tried giving mine one of those huge joint bones & it took me 3 days to figure out where the smell was coming from. The flies had laid their eggs inside the fatty tissue & the maggots were hatching! I had to snatch it from him as he napped. Raw bones are good for teeth & gums. Cooked bones can shatter when the dog chews on them.

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