Can I feed my 7 month old puppy adult dog food?

mimi: Is it ok to feed my 7 month old puppy adult food?
My 7 month old puppy loves my 5 year olds adult food. I don’t know if he’s just wanting it because its different or if he really likes it but he goes straight up to his food and starts munching away. I have to take the older dogs bowel away and say, “no that’s not your food.” Eventually of course when he gets hungry he eats his food but iam just wondering if it would be ok if he started eating the adult food now?

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Answer by Amanda
I would wait. I started transitioning my puppy around 11 months. I don’t think it will hurt him, but the puppy food has extra nutrients that a growing pup needs, that adult dog food doesn’t have.

Answer by Julie D.
YES, you can feed it adult food!

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  1. nutro.olivia says

    It is ok for your puppy to eat a bit of an adult formula, but I would suggest encouraging him to eat his own puppy food for a couple more months. Puppy food is formulated to meet the needs of a growing puppy. Even with large breed dogs, large breed puppy foods often come in a controlled growth formula to prevent rapid growth spurts that can out strain on growing bones and joints.

    If it is easier for you, you could also consider mixing puppy food with the adult food in a 1:1 ratio so your puppy is still getting puppy food.

    Hope that helps :)

    Pet Nutrition Specialist

  2. sar says

    If your adult dog is getting “all stages” food then it is ok for puppy (all stages means the food is formulated for all stages of life, even puppy). If your adult dog is getting food specific for adults then ask your vet. I believe dogs growth plates stop at 6 months, but nutrition requirements are different until the dog is 12 months old.

  3. Marlow says

    Yes. It is preferred to switch at 6 months. Especially if he is a larger breed. Puppy food contains a lot of extra calcium. Too much calcium can cause their bones to grow too fast and can contribute to/cause hip and elbow displaysia.

  4. Lets Play says

    Yes 7 month’s is fine I started weening mine off puppy food at 6 months and onto an adult food . Kibble 2 x daily regular exercise he’s in great shape .

  5. Lacey says

    Puppy food has nutrients and calories needed for proper growth and development. Although it wouldn’t necessarily hurt to feed him the adult food, you could potentially jeopardize his development by switching early.

  6. MamaBas says

    Some makers actually encourage people to switch their puppies by 6 months. I quite often would switch to a Junior version by around 8 months because sometimes they would start to lose interest – even if I didn’t feed puppies with the adults!! A lot depends on the breed to be honest, but if he’s carrying good weight, and generally doing well, you could do the switch now. Just watch and if he starts to lose condition, you might have to mix some puppy in with the adult. Actually it’s better for the bigger breeds to be brought on slowly, because too much, too fast, can mean growth problems.

    Just to add he may be getting into the older dog’s food simply because it IS the older dog’s food, and nothing to do with taste!! Try feeding them apart and see what happens.

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