Can I crop and dock my miniature pinscher’s ears and tail at 3 months?

blueberrygirl: Can I still crop and dock my miniature pinscher’s ears and tail if its 3 months old?

Thank you all for your answers, opinions, and suggestions. I’v decided to keep my puppies ears and tail the way nature has ment for them to be.

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Answer by RnD
why would you want to put a dog – a pup through a totally unnecessary operation??


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  1. says

    I think u've goten the information u need!I will advice u not to Dock or crop the tail

    And ear of Pet!unless its no more ur pet,may u want 2 turn it into a house guard.

    The best thing u should do is to allow d dog to grow up wiv the ear and d tail,it will still look good.

  2. BMTHESPIAN says

    It is to late for the dock Docking is done at 2-3 days old, 5 days at the latest. After that it is an amputation and no responsible vet will do a cosmetic amputation. If he is just now 12 weeks old he is at the outside limit for being cropped. Cropping is done at 7-12 weeks of age, if he is over 12 weeks old he is to old to be cropped also.

  3. Loki my springer! says

    Docking gets done at the age of 3-5 days old. This is the breeders choice, unless requested otherwise. It's now too late to do so.

    Cropping gets done between the age of 8-12 weeks. This is also a little late to achieve. On the other hand, there is the slightest chance your dogs ears will stand alone.

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