Can I crop and dock my miniature pinscher’s ears and tail at 3 months?

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blueberrygirl: Can I still crop and dock my miniature pinscher’s ears and tail if its 3 months old?

Thank you all for your answers, opinions, and suggestions. I’v decided to keep my puppies ears and tail the way nature has ment for them to be.

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Answer by RnD
why would you want to put a dog – a pup through a totally unnecessary operation??


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  1. says

    I think u've goten the information u need!I will advice u not to Dock or crop the tail

    And ear of Pet!unless its no more ur pet,may u want 2 turn it into a house guard.

    The best thing u should do is to allow d dog to grow up wiv the ear and d tail,it will still look good.

  2. BMTHESPIAN says

    It is to late for the dock Docking is done at 2-3 days old, 5 days at the latest. After that it is an amputation and no responsible vet will do a cosmetic amputation. If he is just now 12 weeks old he is at the outside limit for being cropped. Cropping is done at 7-12 weeks of age, if he is over 12 weeks old he is to old to be cropped also.

  3. Loki my springer! says

    Docking gets done at the age of 3-5 days old. This is the breeders choice, unless requested otherwise. It's now too late to do so.

    Cropping gets done between the age of 8-12 weeks. This is also a little late to achieve. On the other hand, there is the slightest chance your dogs ears will stand alone.

  4. Tulip says

    What is ear cropping?
    Ear cropping is a surgery that is performed on
    puppies when they are 9 to 12 weeks old. The
    pups are anesthetised and part of the ear flap is
    removed. After surgery, splints and tape hold the
    ears upright. The veterinarian has to change the
    bandages regularly until the ears are healed and
    erect. This may take up to 20 weeks and some
    ears fail to stand.

    Why is ear cropping an issue?
    Ear cropping can cause pain and infection, and there
    are risks with general anesthesia. Ear cropping can
    also affect behaviour because it is done when
    puppies are learning about their environment and
    are developing social behaviour. The pain of ear
    cropping may make puppies afraid of handling
    and new situations. These experiences can affect
    the pups’ behavour when they become adults.

    What is tail docking?
    Tail docking is a surgery that is performed on
    puppies when they are 3 to 5 days old: part of the
    tail is cut off. Usually there is no anesthetic, but
    local anesthetic may be used. Some breeders put
    an elastic band around the tail instead. This cuts off
    the circulation and, after a while, the tail drops off.

    Why is tail docking an issue?
    Tail docking can cause infection and chronic pain.
    The pain occurs because extra nerve cells grow in
    the stump of the tail.

    are these procedures done?
    Ear cropping and tail docking are done to change
    a dog’s appearance. They are not required for
    health reasons.

    People began doing the procedures hundreds of
    years ago when there were few veterinarians.
    Tail docking was thought to prevent rabies,
    strengthen the back and improve speed and
    agility. Ear cropping and tail docking were done in
    some working breeds to prevent injury while they
    worked. However, many other working breeds did
    not have cropped ears or docked tails — for
    example, retrievers and setters.
    Ear cropping and tail docking are still done today
    because they are traditional for the breed.
    However, many countries have banned the
    procedures and breed clubs have accepted this.
    In those countries, people are used to seeing all
    breeds with natural ears and tails.

    • Ear cropping is illegal in Australia, New Zealand
    and many European countries. Tail docking is
    illegal in Norway, Sweden, Cyprus, Greece,
    Switzerland, Luxembourg, Finland, Germany
    and parts of Australia.

    Since this artical, Ear cropping and tail docking is illegal thoroughout australia

    • Let the breeder know from
    the start that you do not
    want your pup altered. Do
    this before the pup is born
    because tail docking is
    done within a few days of
    • Do not buy from breeders
    who insist that their dogs
    have cropped ears or
    docked tails.
    • Lobby North American
    breed clubs to change
    their standards. Visit the
    British Kennel Club
    website at to
    compare standards.
    • Ask your MLA and your MP to push for
    legislation against unnecessary surgery on
    • Write to your provincial veterinary association
    and ask them to sign the Convention of the
    World Small Animal Veterinary Association
    (see back panel).
    Laws about ear cropping and tail docking
    • Newfoundland & Labrador
    Ear cropping is illegal under the Animal
    Protection Act of 1978.

  5. When life gives you says

    No… why would you do that? Its inhumane!

    Look at these gorgeous dogs… all natural!

    Now why would you want to put your dog thru an unnecessary operation that isnt 100% guaranteed to work?

    Think this over a little more before putting your puppy thru this!

    * Docking, cropping is now illegal in most states in Australia. So check out your local laws and see if it is not illegal!

  6. moondog says

    No, tail docking is done within the first 3 days of life. Any time after that the nervous system has fully developed in the tail and it is considered to be an amputation and it's major surgery.

    As for cropped ears, they look awful, I would never do it. Does your min pin not have pricked ears? I love the floppy ears on min pins but you rarely see it, most of them have pricked ears.

    Why would you even think of putting your dog through such pain?
    Love your dog for what he is just the way he is now.

  7. mustang69 says

    Why do you want to disfigure your dog? Anyway if it is done make sure a vet does this. DON'T DO IT YOUR SELF! You can cause pain and injury to the dog. Dogs ears are one part of their body that bleed alot when cut. And docking makes the tail super sensitive. If you insist on having this done, check with your vet to see if the dog is to old or not.

  8. Dogmom CA says

    Yes, the ears can be done, by a vet, and this is the right time to do it. Tails are normally done at 3 days of age, so at this age its considered a "major elective surgery" and will cost you! Please bear in mind that these are very painful procedures for your dog, and are completely unnecessary. Do you love your pup for his heart, or his looks? If you don't plan to show your dog, there's not much point.

  9. Leslie says

    No….he is past the age to have it done. It would be very painful and the ears probably have too much cartilage in them now for them to stand. I would not do it.

  10. Cookie says

    No. It is usually done at 9-12 weeks of age for ear cropping. For tail docking, it is around 5-7 days old. A veterinarian will refuse to perform these operations (a reputable one anyway) at this age.

  11. spider pig!!!1 says

    no. you will be putting it through unecessary pain. i think they have their tails docked at a few days old, think ear cropping they are a few weeks old

  12. Red Pony says

    I believe the absolute outside age for cropping and docking is 12 weeks and even then it's a little "iffy" if it will be successful.

    Also when you say "Can I" still crop – I hope you mean the vet! If you're planning to do it yourself, then the answer is NO WAY!

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