Can caucasian sheperd dog kill a wolf?

ptyde: is it true that a caucasian sheperd dog can kill a wolf?

Russian Mountain Dog

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Answer by CF_
its a Caucasian Mountain dog.. not sheps…

they are supposed to be the most nasty dog there is, although to be fair there are probably some nice ones

they were used by the Russian military as guard dogs.

they are dogs that need to be handled by an experienced handler only

Answer by dkoriss
what do you mean with the “although to be fair there are probably some nice ones”?
Nice caucasian is the one who bites merciless any intruder and attack any beast to defend its territory, family and flock.
Anything less makes a BAD BAD caucasian for the last 150000 years, when the crime rate was considerably lower than today.
Hope you do not mean that we have to change even a bit the temperament of this dog in the name of modern (more criminally society to my view), unless if there is a way to make it more aggressive and suspicious against strangers.
Any attempt to make this dog nice in other ways, should immediately refer to a new breed with completely different name, not even a trace indicating caucasian ovcharka/shepherd dog/mountain dog etc.
It would be a CRIME to let caucasian follow the sad path of degeneration, that german shepherd, doberman and so many other, nice once upon a time breeds, took.
A CRIME against the ancestors of the breed, both dogs and humans, who struggled for centuries to inborn the specific instincts and pass the specific trait to THEIR breed, IN ORDER TO SERVE FOR GUARDING AND NONE HAS THE RIGHT TO CHANGE ANYTHING WITHIN FEW BREEDING AND SOCIALIZATION CRAP!
If one cannot handle the breed then he should choose from another breed (there hundreds out there with the eye look of the cow, caucasian MUST have the eye look of the tiger or it is not caucasian), but under no circumstances haw the right to contribute destroying the breed.
STOP ABUSING TRUE GUARD DOG BREEDS, choose Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, lionberger, english mastiff, great dane, instead, its a good motto to start with.

Caucasian Ovcharka fights two wolves

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Answer by Danica
Actually CF, both names are correct. They are known as Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog), and Caucasian Shepard. They’re amazing sheepdogs. Very headstrong, and must be taught not to hunt the livestock they’re protecting.

A Caucasian Ovcharka, is a fierce proud dog, that would never back down from a fight. They will stand up to man and beast alike. Even if the Caucasian Ovcharka didn’t win the battle with the wolf, or was outnumbered, the Caucasian Ovcharka would still stand it’s ground.

Considering most people buy guard dogs in pairs, so they won’t be alone in the field. Two bear faced Caucasian Ovcharka (Mountain Dog)’s, would easily take a wolf down. That’s their job.

So the answer to your question is yes.

Though they sure are adorable

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  1. Natasha says

    I’m a single mother with 3 children my oldest has special needs. I’m very strong and have handled big dogs and I also have had a couple of wolves and I’ve been thinking about getting a caucasian mountain shepherd puppy. I’m moving up to Alaska and I want a good protective dog But I’m kind of worried that this dog might turn on my children because of the few things that I have heard about them. But I also know that all dogs are protective and they can turn on a person. What I’m asking is if this Dog would be a good dog for my children and I or if you know of one that is? Thank you for reading :-)

  2. bernhard boegner says

    To say any dog breed can fight with a bear is pure stupidity. Your regular full grown male black bear with an attitude would shred that Caucasian breed in a matter of seconds no problem. If anyone doubts this introduce your Caucasian dog to a mother black bear with her cubs and see what happens to that dog. Yes I know these are bad ass dogs but let’s keep things in perspective people.

  3. Matthew says

    Once spray to the face of any dog and there dead within seconds. Nothing beats a alarm system. Sorry

  4. liz says

    Can they kill wolves ? yeah . This dog has a bite force that exceeds a wolf . and their paw and body strength is greater than any wolf . This dog can kill bears without much difficulty . This is a badass dog . The Ovcharka is no joke . Make no mistake about it , The Ovcharka is weapon with fur . This dog can kill just about anything except perhaps the higher powered predatory animals . Polar Bears , Crocodiles , Lions , and Tigers .

    • Brian says

      Maybe small wolves I.e, red wolf or a coyote wolf hybrid, but during my 20years of research with Wolves, it is a fact my friend the bite force of a full grown wolf will in fact always be greater than that of any dog due to the wolf having a superior bone structure supporting more muscle mass in I it’s head and jaw. As for this dog killing a wolf alone? Hardly, these wolves when in the wild train daily for survival by attacking and taking down animals such as bison and moose. Great dog my friend but to say it could kill a full grown wild wolf is laughable and of legends told over much vodka !!!!

  5. says

    I lived with my dads brother at one time in Russia and he owned one. We once had 7 wolves on our property and it killed 3 and the rest ran away. We had to go and pickup wolf bodies and shovel up all the red snow

    • Brian says

      Hardly, these wolves when in the wild train daily for survival by attacking and taking down animals such as bison and moose. Great dog my friend but to say it could kill a full grown wild wolf is laughable and of legends told over much vodka !!!!

  6. workhorse says

    I have personally seen this dog and it was owned by an ex fiance cousin which the family is from Russia. This dog is very scary and is huge and I am told can fight off 5 wolves and even kill them at one time in Caucus mountains. I am experienced with large dogs and would not even be in same room with this dog. They are only loyal to owner and are as big as a grizzly bear almost and you do need to be experienced handler only. I was amazed this young Russian father even had this dog in house with 1 year old baby and his mexican wife. I feel that is too dangerous. I would only have this dog if I raised him myself as a puppy and he was outside with lots of room. He would only be safe and loyal with me and I would still have to caution others. Don't recommend unless you raise this dog and keep away from alot of people. Must be trained around other animals even when small too.

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