Can a rabies dog vaccine cause diarrhea and vomiting?

sue s: Can a rabies vaccine make your dog have diarrhea and vomiting?
She is five months old and just received her shot yesterday but today she has been throwing up and has had diarrhea. She will not eat or drink anything.

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Answer by ☺ I ♥ My Doberman ☺
did she have a distemper/parvo shot EVER?

Answer by Diane D

Poor thing. Yes, she could be having a reaction to rabies vaccine or maybe she picked up a virus from the Vet's office.

If she weighs over 15 pounds you can give her 1/3 of a tab of Pepto Bismol and see if that helps. Give her some chicken broth from a can.

If no better in a day or so she needs to go back to the vet.

Answer by Patty-kins

but the dog will eventually ,once the medicine gets in her body, dont worry, it usually doesnt last but a few days, but if the puprefuses after two days to eat or drink take it back to the vet,just in case,maybe he can subscribe something for her stomach ailment, and some dogs get trauma tized by the whole thing and the episode just fades away in their minds until the next time you take them to see the vet.

Answer by angelsforanimals

I would immediately take the pup to a vet for immediate treatment. This does not sound like an adverse reaction to the rabies shot but it does sound like the parvo virus. Parvo can kill a puppy in a matter of days so you have no time to waste. I want to know if the pup has a very distinct smell. Parvo has a smell that you will never miss. Push fluids with your pup because even if it isn't parvo or distemper dehydration is deadly and is caused by vomiting and diarrhea in humans as well as animals. Take these symptoms very seriously because your animal relies on the care that you provide for them. Good Luck!!

Answer by tammy

the puppy doesn’t have parvo, why scare people when you don’t know whats up with the pup, if the pup had parvo she wouldn’t be active and she would be largetic, vomiting and diareah for more than just one day….Yes pup can have a reaction if he wasn’t given a a shot against allergies to vaccines,everytime my pup has his vaccines I have them give him the shot for reactions first …and my pup is just fine after…

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  1. stuball says

    She sounds like like she's having a reaction to the vaccine. This could be quite serious; please take her to her vet immediately!

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