Can a German Shepherd dog live outside in the backyard?

Amy L: Can a German Shepherd live outside in the backyard?
Well, i really want a German Shepherd and my father wants one too. My mother is afraid of dogs so it can't ever go inside. So, it has to stay outside in the backyard. I'm planning on getting an adult one. Also, i'm going to have to go to school for 8hrs. So it also has to stay by itself at home until i come back. My father also wants a dog that can protect the house from any unwanted intruders.

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Answer by crazydaisy993
well i don't think it would be fair on the dog to never be allowed to go inside. If you were to give it a lot of shelter outside that would maybe be okay but animals require lots of love and attention.Don't get a dog just for it to be a less expensive alarm system, get one because you want a companion. Also you should remember that having a big german shepherd means that you will have to give it exercise as well

Answer by Kristin

i have a german shepherd too at home..
my german shepherd really loves sunbathing..

at night..
i always open my door to the backyard..
just give him an option to choose where he wants to sleep..
he prefer sleeping outside than inside..
so i think it will just be ok..
good luck! :)

Answer by Mr. F

Short answer, YES a German Shepherd can live outside, I have had several and they all where outside dogs. However they always had proper shelter and shade too keep cool and out of the weather.

The long answer is get a PUPPY so your mom gets used too it as a baby and it will get used too her as well. I would never recommend bringing such a large animal into your family as an adult. You should get a puppy and raise it in your family, the bond it will forge with your entire family will be unbreakable and your mother will never have an issue with the dog.

Answer by Mark

German Shepherds have a double coat. The outer coat, which sheds all year round, is close and dense with a thick undercoat. The coat is accepted in two variants; medium and long. The German Shepherds are good in all weather, but I wouldn't leave it outside day after day. Below freezing isn't good for any dog, but make a proper shelter and they will be fine.


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  1. ragapple says

    BAD IDEA!!! being in back yard will NOT solve the problem of your mothers fear of him - soon it'll be "we need to get rid of dog, mom trapped in house cause she's afraid to go outside"

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