Breeds that don’t bark much?

C* Moonlight Dreamer: Dog breeds that don’t bark much?
Some common dog breeds, not exotic ones. I am currently dog sitting a Borzoi (Russian Wolfhound) and it never barks! Well, it does but very rarely.

Could you name some others that do not bark too much?

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Answer by galloping.greys
We have two Labs, and they rarely bark.

Breed doesn’t really matter, because if you get some good training, you can get them to stop.

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  1. toby h says

    All, I repeat "all" breeds of dog bark. Some dogs bark more or less than others based on the environment they are raised in. I had a boxer at one time that very rarely barked. I now have another boxer that has been raised with a rough collie that is a barker. The current boxer is also a barker due to being around another dog that barks frequently.

  2. Rick Ven says

    Boxers, Akita's, Chow Chows, Alaskan Malamutes. These are a few which do not bark a lot. They are secure in themselves and do not feel a need to intimidate vocally. Most small dogs will bark, however with any dog they can be trained to bark minimally.


    First off huskys and malamutes sure do bark. Have you ever seen the start of a dog sled race. Lots of barking. Besenji's are the only dogs that don't bark, but they do make a yodal type sound. Boston Terriers are very quite dogs.

  4. Koter Boters says

    My lab mix and rottie mix don't bark alot! They only bark when alerted by something or if I tell them to speak.

  5. protoapollo says

    My family has a Siberian Husky that hardly ever barks. She will occasionally if you really roughhouse with her, or if there are animals moving around in the yard, but otherwise very quiet.

  6. Shanna says

    Whether or not a dog barks has more to do with personality and training rather than breed.
    I have had Dobies that are quiet and ones that seem to bark at everything.

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