Blue Buffalo, Innova and Wellness - what is better?

deardiary27: What dog food is better between Blue Buffalo, Innova and Wellness?
I am going to switch my dog to adult food and want to give her something better than she is on now. I have narrowed it down to Blue Buffalo, Innova and Wellness. Which is the better dog food between the 3?
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Answer by Jesus Jesus
wellness, my dog loves it and my vet recommended it cause it has loads of health benefits :)

Answer by Lidi lu
if you cant deicide…have your dog decide
i kno that blue and wellness send out samples, i think innova does too
go thier websites and call them or email them asking for a sample and they mail it pretty fast
and see which ones ur dog resonds better

cuz all three are very good brands, you cant go wrong,
i have my dogs on wellness n they like it
so ya, good luck!

Answer by anne b
All three are good foods. Right now. As soon as P&G gets their hands on Innova it will be over for them. Bottom line is the only thing P&G worries about. A shame, really.
While the dog food analysis site is a good place to read ingredients, it is not the bible of dog foods, so take the opinions on that site with a grain of salt. They seem to be very focused on protein content and grains.
By the way, Blue Wilderness is also a 6 star food.
Of the three, Blue is easier to find and usually a much better price for their grain free than either of the others.

Answer by Allison
Innova and Wellness are pretty much equals, but Blue Buffalo is more widely available (it's not a bad food by any means and is indeed considered a premium food but, it's just not quite as good as the other two. Blue Buffalo's Wilderness formulas are higher quality than the regular stuff, though).

Answer by Kim
Blue Buffalo is not on the 6 star list, its on the 4 btw

Answer by bloomorningglory
Wellness Core and Innova EVO get six stars on the Dog Food Analysis site. Regular Innova and Wellness Super5 gets 5 stars. Blue Buffalo "only" gets 4 stars. Lucky dog :) I love the Dog Food Analysis site. If you want more info they run through the ingredients of each food and explain.

Answer by K
I feed Innova EVO, but I have heard that Wellness CORE is a very good food. I don't know about Blue Buffalo, I haven't done any research on it.

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  1. NCSU Happy Dog says

    Innova. I've fed all 3 to boarding dogs, foster dogs, patients, and personal dogs. Innova I stuck with the longest, 8 years, before they decreased the large bag weight from 33.5 to 30 lb and increased the cost for less food from $ 40 to $ 50 in the East. Now, P & G has purchased the Natura company, maker of Innova, and hopefully they maintain their manufacturing and distributing superior standards.

    Wellness and Blue Buffalo are good alternatives too. It's great that you are trying better diets. Introduce one gradually to the current diet and if diarrhea starts, stop feeding for 12 hours, don't feed ANYthing, then try feeding again.

  2. Sibe mum. Plus a BC! says

    Better as in ingredient wise? I'd say Innova. It's going to cost you.

    I've found (when i fed kibble) Wellness was a good buy without the super premium cost.

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