Boris, the Borzoi, or Once In A Lifetime Dog

Chantelle Hildreth

Everyone who has loved and lost a dog knows how it feels. Chantelle Hildreth in Once in a Lifetime Dog: My Borisangel tells a touching story of her Borzoi dog Boris that has accompanied her all the way through her journey into adulthood. Boris, the Russian wolfhound, was her companion and best … [Read more...]

Invisible Dog Fence Problems

dog fence

Why Underground Dog Fence Installation Is Done? As a responsible dog possessor, it is up to you to make certain that your dog is carefully contained within the boundaries of your front or back yard. It is not always probable to keep a close gaze on your dog, and it is when underground dog fences … [Read more...]

How to Remove a Tick from Your Dog


Many dog owners have already faced the problem of removing a tick from their dog. This problem is particularly pressing in spring and summer when ticks wake up from hibernation and begin their hunt. The dangerous period of their activity may last from April to October, especially if the weather … [Read more...]

Yakutian Laika – A New Ancient Dog Breed

yakut laika dog

Yakutian Laika (Yakut Laika) is a newly developed dog breed with an ancient history. It is a working breed that originates from the Yakutia region of the Russian Siberia and can be used for sledding, hunting, reindeer herding, as well as a family pet. This kind of Laikas is a close relative of the … [Read more...]

Every Rescue Dog Has a Story

rescue dog small

I was recently thinking about all the rescued Samoyed dogs that have passed through my door over the years. Some were fostered and rehomed and some have stayed in my family to live out their golden years. I have been helping out with rescuing and rehabilitating Samoyeds of all ages for over a … [Read more...]

My Serendipitous Little Business

My little business

My serendipity is how I found something truly life changing, worthwhile and productive out of something quite scary. I was a Siberian Samoyed breeder and exhibitor, and one of my male dogs, Blake, started out in life as a normal healthy pup. I travelled around New Zealand with him enjoying dog … [Read more...]