I Love My Dog Stories

trusting dog

A Dog Day Afternoon Here she comes again as I write this story. She will run to watch me type on the computer. This doesn't happen all of the time, only when she wants something from me. She will stand by the door to my office, look at me then look away. If I turn toward her, she comes to me and … [Read more...]

Summertime Pet Care Tips

dog summer- walk

Summer is one of the most enjoyable seasons to spend with your pet, but seasonal changes in your pet’s routine and environment can necessitate a little extra TLC. To keep pets happy and healthy this summer season, follow these ten tips from the American Heartworm Society. (Photo Credit: Blake … [Read more...]

World Dog Show 2015 Results

world dog show winner

World Dog Show 2015, the most prestigious dog show worldwide, has taken place in Milan, Italy, on June 11-14. Almost 30,000 dogs of 340 recognized breeds were exhibited on the rings of Fiera Milano pavilions under the attentive eyes of 200 international judges. A number of excellent dogs, … [Read more...]

Your Enemy Is Your Dog's Enemy

dog enemy

Dogs dislike people who are mean to their owners and will reject a treat offered by those who have snubbed their master, a new Japanese research says. (Photo Credit: theaspiringphotographer/Flickr ) The study to be published later this month in science journal Animal Behavior reveals that dogs … [Read more...]

New Russian Guard Dog Stamps

russian guard dogs stamps

Russian guard dog breeds became the subjects of four new Russian stamps issued by the Russian Post at the end of May. These newcomers to the series of stamps Fauna of Russia are dedicated to the Russian Mountain Dog (Caucasian Shepherd), the Black Russian Terrier, the South Russian Ovcharka, and the … [Read more...]

Rescuing Space Puppy Laika Game

looking for laika game

  The famous space dog Laika has inspired Moanbej Studios in Holland to create a new puzzle platformer for Android called Looking for Laika and released at the end of May. In this epic side-scrolling platform adventure the story unfolds when your dog Laika gets abducted by aliens. Being the … [Read more...]

Most of Dog Owners Unaware of Harmful Dog Food

dry dog food

Kidney failure. Allergies. Obesity. Death. These are some results of dogs consuming commercial dog food with poor ingredients. Now, new research also shows that over 70% of dog owners don't know or don't care about all the ingredients in their dog's food. Nearly 20 percent of dog owners "don't know … [Read more...]