At what age will my female dogue de bordeaux come into season?

Kasey: at what age will my dogue de bordeaux come into season?
even tho i no i can not breed her till two years or the third season, my 13 month old ddb hasnt had a season yet and im not sure of what age she should of had one if yet, im not breeding her for proffit i want to keep a puppie and most of my family want any that are left it will just be a one of thing but i thought she would of had at least one season by now, can anyone help?

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Answer by Susan B
I hope you will have her hips and elbows scored for OFA and eyes CERF certified and her heart evaluated before you decide to breed her. She may not come in to heat until later. My Rottie came in the first time at 16 months old and her second heat was at 28 months old. I hope you have more than a few homes lined up as a dog of this size may have up to 15 puppies.

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  1. JenVT says

    We had one come in at 10 months and one at about a year. It varies and larger dogs tend to come in later. Unless you are planning to drop a healthy sum on genetic testing for her and pay enough to make sure the stud you use also has the test done, and ensure that both have good temperaments, then don't bother. There are way to many unhealthy DDBs with bad temperaments around and the breed doesn't need more. At minimum she needs her heart certified by a cardiologist, her hips either OFA or Penn-Hipped and her eyes CERF certified. Most breeders also recommend elbows and patellas be done as well (elbows can be done at the same time as the hips). I also recommend getting out to some AKC shows and seeing how yor girl measures up conformationally. And finally, I recommend joining the DDBS if you haven't already There is a private yahoo group for the members and lots of your questions can be answered there. We just bred our girl for the first time and believe me, there is alot more to the process than simply inseminating your b**** so I suggest you get a good mentor that is very familiar with whelping large breed puppies.

  2. courtney says

    Every dog is different. The larger the breed the longer(older) it takes. Usually anywhere from 8 to 24 months.Your breeder should be able to help you from her mother? I would find out ALL the health testing done on the Parents . I would also make sure I did all testing ( this is costly).This breed can have alot of health issue's.What if she needs a c-section(very costly) AT 13 months old How do you know she herself is health enough to breed ?..testing starts at 2 yrs .I recomend you join your local dog club ,(AKC site will help you find one) there you will meet other breeders who would help guide you if you have to breed this dog ! I have had 9 ddb in the rescue since January…..In the US 1.8billion pets are destroyed each year ! Please have your family adopt and spay your dog ….she'll be happier and healthier

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