At what age do female chihuahua go into heat?

lon2233: At what age do female chihuahua’a go into heat for the first time?
I have a 5 month old female deer head chihuahua and I am breeding her with my male. I need to know if she can breed the first heat or do I need to protect her from him?

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Answer by Earl E Morningwood
6 -8 months. But it varies .

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  1. Michelle says

    Not sure how old this question is but you should wait until they are 2 yrs old to breed. You should make sure the male is smaller than the female. Be careful as this is not a matter to take lightly and it is possible she would have to have a c-section or worse that she could die. Please keep in mind that there are tons of dogs that are homeless and being euthanized in shelters daily. Please be responsible and do not add to these numbers, spay/neuter your pets.

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