At what age can you tell if a dachshund is long haired or short haired?

♪єℓℓιє ßєℓℓy♫: After how long can you tell if a dachshund is long haired or short haired?
My uncle’s dachshund had 3 puppies this morning, and my family wanted to adopt one in the future, but we prefer a long haired. How long does it take for them to show signs of being long haired or short haired?

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Answer by walking lady
You’d know 2 months before the puppies were whelped. If the parents are long-haired, so are the puppies. If the parents are smooth-coated, so are the puppies.

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  1. rescue member says

    As several people have already told you, long hair gene can be carried even by a smooth, so depends on the parents genes. If both dachsies were long hair, likely all pups will be long hair, but you see some really random, careless breeding these days and, unless you know the bloodline of both sire and dam, you can get pups with different coats – and color patterns – in the same litter.

    Long hair should be completely obvious by 8 weeks. Even before then, long hair will give clues in tufts on ears, fringes, etc.

  2. M says

    You can tell as soon as they're born. They will have points of longer hair on their ears and tails that smooths don't have. You will definitely know by the time they are 8 weeks. Longhair is recessive so you can't always go by whether both the parents are smooth.

  3. 4Her4Life says

    Generally speaking, the different hair types of Dachshunds are not interbred, so the pups will almost certainly all be whatever the parents are. If they are poorly bred Dachshunds with more than one hair type in their pedigree, then it helps to know that wirehair texture and short hair length are recessive. Therefore, a long haired Dachshund bred to a long haired Dachshund can ONLY produce long haired puppies, a smooth x long will produce all smooths unless the smooth also carries a gene for long hair, a smooth x smooth can only produce smooths unless both parents carry a gene for long hair, etc.

    If you know what the parents are and what their parents and siblings are, you will be able to predict whether any of the pups will be long or short haired pretty accurately before they are even conceived! By the time the puppies are eight weeks old and ready to be rehomed, it should be evident what coat each one has inherited. PLEASE also consider the puppy's temperament and whether is suitable for your home! It is better to have an ugly, happy dog that a miserable or uncontrollable pretty one!

  4. Ocimom says

    What hair length is the parents and background. Long is recessive to short, so either the parent(s) have to be LH or they both need to be carrying the LH gene as a recessive.

    IMO longer coats would show quickly compared to the very short coat of a smooth coat Doxie.

  5. Rotten Rotts Lets Re says

    What were the parents, long haired Doxies produce long haired puppies. Same with short haired or wire haired

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