Are Yorkie dogs or Morkie Dogs good pets with children?

ames2383: Are Yorkie dogs or Morkie Dogs good pets with babies and children?
My husband and I want to buy a little puppy and I love Yorkie puppies. We are planning on having children within one or two years. I have heard that Yorkie puppies are not good with little children and I worry about that. Is this true or does it just depend on the houshold?

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Answer by Rachel – Pit Police Captain
Usually, the problem is the kid and not the dogs. Small dogs get snippy with children, because children unknowingly handle the dog too roughly. Small breeds like yorkies are extremely fragile, and can be hurt quite easily by an overly-grabby toddler. That being said, if you are willing to ALWAYS supervise the dog around the child, teach the child how to interact with the dog, and the dog how to interact with the child, things should go just fine.

EDIT: One more thing….If you want a Yorkie, buy a yorkie. Don’t get sucked into the designer breed fad. Morkies are mutts, plain and simple, and no responsible or respectable breeder intentionally breeds mixes. These designer breeds are generally bred by money hungry unscrupulous people, and are often poorly cared for and riddled with health issues. Stick to the original.

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  1. Maz (R.I.P. Roscoe) says

    wait have your children first and concentrate on them, (they will keep you busy enough), then when the children are old enough to understand dogs are not toys you can have your little yorkie and the children will be able to share the enjoyment of dog ownership, Yorkies are very loyal and they bond strongly with their owners, when trained and socialised they are good family pets. If you decide to have a Yorkie now then get in touch with the breed club and choose a breeder with care, take the dog to classes which use reward based training methods. Ensure the dog has good manners is extremely well socialised. Your puppy would have to be very well socialised with children, and remember Yorkies are delicate and you have to ensure the child does not injure or hurt the dog either. One last point you would never be able to leave any dog no matter what the breed alone with a child.

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