A Siberian husky or a Samoyed?

rawritzhannah: what dog is a better overall a Siberian husky or a Samoyed?
Training wise, companionship, playfulness, care needed, how they are with people and other animals, and what they are like as puppies things like that..

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Answer by GingerJew
I would say that the Siberian husky would be better for like a small family two adults an older child, but if you have younger kids you should get the Samoyed. I say this because i would consider the Husky more aggressive

Answer by i <3 pups

We'll start with the Samoyed, which I recommend:
The Samoyed is a little more obedient than the Husky, but both are not very easy to train. They both do great in cold weather and they both shed a lot. Samoyeds are more devoted and affectionate towards the family. These are very gentle towards people, especially children. It is definitely not as active as the husky, but still needs exercise, about 4 long walks, 2 romps in the yard, and an hour long session of playtime. Samoyeds are very high maintenance though : they need at least 20 min. of brushing with a firm, metal bristled, slicker brush, and a pro job done monthly. these are great for beginners.

Siberian Huskies are sort of stubborn. they are definitely not as affectionate, though somewhat devoted. They are very, very energetic and playful; they can't just have a daily walk, at least a mile long jog or a long bicycle ride. They are not as high maintenance, but need weekly brushing and every 2-4 months a pro job should be done. These aren't These are even tempered towards everyone.These should probably be handled by an experienced owners.

Both dogs are great, but too me the Samoyed is best! hope i helped!

Answer by Rugratzzzzzzzzzzz

As an owner of a malamute (Husky type) unless you dedicate yourself to your dog 100% then I would go for the Samoyed. They both have wonderful temperaments, to evey one if trained correctly, I know very little about Samoyed's apart from the ones I have met, all were lovely dogs, unless a Husky is brought up with small animals they can consider them as pray, especially local cats.

Both shed hair, husky breeds Blow twice a year, and you will find hardly a surface in your home that does not have a pile of dog hair on it, even if you are careful there will be hair in your food, so that's not for everyone.

Husky breeds are perfectly trainable but if they cannot see the point in doing something you will not get them to do it. They are not for the weak hearted or a first time dog.

I would go and visit some breeders, talk to them any that are worth anything will give you the facts, about the breed, good and bad. the last thing they want is for someone to want to return the dog after three months because you cannot cope.

Good luck in your search



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  1. Alex says

    TRAINING: Huskies are stubborn an very smart they will only do things if they know they'll get something out of it, Samoyed are kind of the same but a tad bit easier.

    COMPANIONSHIP: Husky and Samoyed are about the same HONESTLY every dog is about the same in this category it all depends on how well you train them.

    PLAYFULNESS: Husky takes the cake for this one very active an always wants to go in for car rides an jogs I LOVE THEM

    CARE NEEDED: If your talking about grooming an illness then i'd say both. Because they have such thick coats and need grooming at least once a week.

    PEOPLE: Again depends on how you raise them.
    ANIMALS: Depends on how you raise them :)

  2. Otter says

    Samoyed are lovely dogs who tend to be extremely gentle I would highly suggest one of them. As Husky's can be aggressive if not given a ton of attention

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