A dog that does not shed a lot?

Hi I'm looking for a breed that is right for my family. A dog that does not shed a lot.
A dog that is not bigger than 60cm. NOT A SMALL DOG EITHER (Mastiff was too big)
DOG that is good from allegry suffer (very important)
A dog that is good with children. we have a daughter that is about 7
A dog that does not need a huge yard (but i could take it on walk)
A dog that does not bark often (if you could find one)
non-shedding poodle
Photo Credit: greg westfall./Flickr
PLEASE CHOOSE A DOG FROM THIS LIST that is a best one you recommend
godlen retriver
American bulldog
old english sheepdog
Great Pyrenees
Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Austiralian shepard

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Answer by RACHEL
Golden retriever
they are so nice!!

Answer by Madie
all those dogs will give you awful allergies . A greyhound is wonderful and he doesnt need a big yard but he needs a fenced yard. I know you said no small dogs but a maltese 1. doesnt give you allergies 2 is great with kids 3 doesnt need fenced or big yard 4 doesnt bark often. a greyhound is the same only the fenced yard. if i had to choose from the list I'd say lab but they give you awful allergies. I got the greyhound.

Answer by australian shepherds
Australian Shepherds. Usually every day, they shed... But harmless.

Answer by Nedra E

Great Pyrenees run from 25" to 29" and 60cm is 23.6" so a pyr is taller than your stated interests. If your allergy is specifically to dogs, which is less common that to cats, then a pyr might be more of an antagonist, as the pyr tends to shed. Pyrs are wonderful with children. They prefer acreage, but can do fine with small yards so long as you exercise them regularly. They often are nocturnal barkers as they are guardians by nature and the barking is pre-emptive to ward off bad guys. BUT… if kept inside, this can be kept to a minimum. Their weight range is 85 to over 150#.

Australian Shepherds are in the size range you want, but with their longer hair, you might have the same problem with shedding and possible allergy antagonists as you have with pyrs. They are a high energy dog, so, while they would be ok in a small yard, they will need more exercise. They are herding dogs, and will happily herd your children. I don't know about barking, but if it sleeps inside, it should be ok at night. I'd expect shedding to be possibly more than you want.

You didn't mention Blue Heelers (Cattle Dogs) and some of them are short hair, and they are herding dogs similar to the Shepherds but those with short hair would not be too likely to be an allergy antagonist and I know from my Aussie (Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix) that they hardly shed at all. I think this would be a good choice for you.

The Lab, Golden, Borzoi, Mastiff and OE sheepdog are all large breed dogs. Go to the AKC website and check their height – it's in the breed information for each of them. The golden might be a shedder. The OES would probably be a big shedder.

The Labradoodle and Goldendoodle are MUTTS… which is what all designer dogs are, and I don't like poodles, so I'll leave those to someone else to discuss.

I know nothing about the chesapeake bay retriever.

I recommend that, in addition to the answers you get here, you google breed name, breed traits and personality for each breed and learn about them direct rather than only going by answers here.

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  1. BullyFan says

    I would love to say American Bulldog but not a chance for your requirements. I would say the Labradoodle or Goldendoodle would be best but it is hard as both are high energy dogs. Not a single dog on your list is really good for hypoallergenic needs. You would need like a larger miniature poodle or a lower engergy medium breed that would be happier.
    The only ones truly good if you have allergies are
    Poodles, Bichons, Yorkies, and Snauzers. Any other breeds and I have seen people needing to rehome their pets as the hair was not correct it was fur.

  2. kasse says

    golden retriever.. i love goldens!!! my golden retriever love kids and he treats my visitors as if they haven't seen each other for a long time..

    goldens are very friendly that's why they are poor as guard dogs! they will be one of the best companion dogs.. but they need exercise each day, they will be happy if you involve them in family activities and leaving it outside or isolated it'll be anxious..

  3. hmmyeahitspaige says

    I had a Black Labrador Retriever that passed away in January. She was the absolute BEST family dog i have EVER had. She did shed, but only because she was a northern breed also known as an English Lab. If you do get a Lab remember to get a dog that was not bred in the north.

    But she was honestly the BEST family dog we could have asked for.

  4. Aurora Greyhound says

    i say get a greyhound they dont bark only needs 2 go on a walk great with kids and lay around but i say out of the list lab

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