July 23, 2014

A dog that does not shed a lot?

Question by .: 10points!!!!!!!!!!! I REAALLY NEED YOUR HELP!DOG BREED?
10points!!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP ME OUT! ABOUT DOG bREED?
Hi I’m looking for a breed that is right for my family.
A dog that does not shed a lot.

A dog that is not bigger than 60cm.NOT A SMALL DOG EITHER(Mastiff was too big)

DOG that is good from allegry suffer.(very important)

A dog that is good with children.we have a daughter that is about 7

A dog that does not need a huge yard(but i could take it on walk)

A dog that does not bark often.(if you could find one)



PLEASE CHOOSE A DOG FROM THIS LIST that is a best one you recommend

godlen retriver
American bulldog
old english sheepdog
Great Pyrenees


Chesapeake Bay Retriever
Austiralian shepard


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Answer by RACHEL
Golden retriever

they are so nice!!

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  1. Usually every day, they shed..But harmless.

  2. all those dogs will give you awful allergies . A greyhound is wonderful and he doesnt need a big yard but he needs a fenced yard. I know you said no small dogs but a maltese 1. doesnt give you allergies 2 is great with kids 3 doesnt need fenced or big yard 4 doesnt bark often. a greyhound is the same only the fenced yard. if i had to choose from the list I'd say lab but they give you awful allergies. heres where i got the greyhound .http://groups.msn.com/REGAPofIllinois/_homepage.msnw?pgmarket=en-us

  3. BullyFan says:

    I would love to say American Bulldog but not a chance for your requirements. I would say the Labradoodle or Goldendoodle would be best but it is hard as both are high energy dogs. Not a single dog on your list is really good for hypoallergenic needs. You would need like a larger miniature poodle or a lower engergy medium breed that would be happier.
    The only ones truly good if you have allergies are
    Poodles, Bichons, Yorkies, and Snauzers. Any other breeds and I have seen people needing to rehome their pets as the hair was not correct it was fur.

  4. Great Pyrenees run from 25" to 29" and 60cm is 23.6" so a pyr is taller than your stated interests. If your allergy is specifically to dogs, which is less common that to cats, then a pyr might be more of an antagonist, as the pyr tends to shed. Pyrs are wonderful with children. They prefer acreage, but can do fine with small yards so long as you exercise them regularly. They often are nocturnal barkers as they are guardians by nature and the barking is pre-emptive to ward off bad guys. BUT… if kept inside, this can be kept to a minimum. Their weight range is 85 to over 150#.

    Australian Shepherds are in the size range you want, but with their longer hair, you might have the same problem with shedding and possible allergy antagonists as you have with pyrs. They are a high energy dog, so, while they would be ok in a small yard, they will need more exercise. They are herding dogs, and will happily herd your children. I don't know about barking, but if it sleeps inside, it should be ok at night. I'd expect shedding to be possibly more than you want.

    You didn't mention Blue Heelers (Cattle Dogs) and some of them are short hair, and they are herding dogs similar to the Shepherds but those with short hair would not be too likely to be an allergy antagonist and I know from my Aussie (Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix) that they hardly shed at all. I think this would be a good choice for you.

    The Lab, Golden, Borzoi, Mastiff and OE sheepdog are all large breed dogs. Go to the AKC website and check their height – it's in the breed information for each of them. The golden might be a shedder. The OES would probably be a big shedder.

    The Labradoodle and Goldendoodle are MUTTS… which is what all designer dogs are, and I don't like poodles, so I'll leave those to someone else to discuss.

    I know nothing about the chesapeake bay retriever.

    I recommend that, in addition to the answers you get here, you google breed name, breed traits and personality for each breed and learn about them direct rather than only going by answers here.

  5. golden retriever.. i love goldens!!! my golden retriever love kids and he treats my visitors as if they haven't seen each other for a long time..

    goldens are very friendly that's why they are poor as guard dogs! they will be one of the best companion dogs.. but they need exercise each day, they will be happy if you involve them in family activities and leaving it outside or isolated it'll be anxious..

  6. hmmyeahitspaige says:

    I had a Black Labrador Retriever that passed away in January. She was the absolute BEST family dog i have EVER had. She did shed, but only because she was a northern breed also known as an English Lab. If you do get a Lab remember to get a dog that was not bred in the north.

    But she was honestly the BEST family dog we could have asked for.

  7. Aurora Greyhound says:

    i say get a greyhound they dont bark only needs 2 go on a walk great with kids and lay around but i say out of the list lab

  8. Blue Violet says:

    Okay, first of all, learn how to spell.

    Second, what other considerations are there – are you an experienced dog owner? How much can you afford to spend on a dog? What do you plan to do with your dog?

    Third, Labs and Goldens shed quite a lot, Borzois, Great Pyrenees and Mastiffs are too big for you, Labradoodles and Goldendoodles are not breeds and are not hypoallergenic, Chessies tend to shed a lot and give off a faint odor, and Aussies and Bobtails (OES) probably need a big yard to burn off energy. So out of your list, I would say an American Bulldog would suit you best.

    Have you considered a Poodle? They are generally fine for allergy sufferers, come in three sizes, are good with children and are very intelligent and easily trained.

    Do some research before you make a final decision, though. Are you really sure you should get a dog at all? Your expectations sound a little too high for any dog – basically all dogs shed and bark, after all, they are dogs.

  9. austring06 says:

    American Bull Dog. I have three children under 6 he is great with them, and he was easy to train. And he doesn't shed that much.

  10. I think that you should take that list of attributes you want and head to your local shelter. The dogs there may not all be purebred but they have a lot of advantages over buying a purebred puppy.

    First off, because you would most likely be looking at young adult dogs, you would already know their temperment. With a puppy it's like Russian roulette; you can only pray that they fit your lifestlye naturally.

    Second, purebreeds often have issues with genetic disease (hip dysplasia, etc.) and mixed breed dogs have less of a chance of developing those problems. Also, you would be informed of any medical issues the dogs has.

    Third, your family would be involved in the decision and you could all pick a dog that fits your lifestyle. (If you can't walk the dog or don't have a large yard, don't go with a high energy dog….etc.)

    Fourth, the dogs there would most likely be trained. This could save you expensive training classes and the stress of having to train a dog, especially if you have a busy life.

    The nice thing is that most of the shelter workers are more than happy to help you find the perfect dog for your family. Often times adopting from a shelter is also cheaper than buying a purebred puppy.

    I hope you find the right dog for your family!

  11. Jessie Q says:

    I'm sorry I can't pick one from your list.
    But most of what you said sounds like an Besenji here is some info on them. http://www.puppydogweb.com/caninebreeds/basenji.h

    Try some breed selectors http://animal.discovery.com/breed-selector/dog-brhttp://www.breederretriever.com/breedselector.php

  12. doc holiday says:

    The two best family dogs that's on your list is a golden retriver, and chesapeake bay retriver. I had both. I bread chessies, they are very hyper, active , and tend to bark a lot.
    The golden retriver is much more laid back, and very good around children. The lab is also laid back.
    Good luck.

  13. financegal27 says:

    Goldens and the old english sheepdog shed alot! Mastiff's and Great Pyrenees are huge. Australian Shepards are great dogs, but do have a tendancy to try to heard kids and have very very high energy levels. If you are serious about being an allergy sufferer, two dogs that are considered "hypo allergenic" are not on you list, those are poodles and the portugese water dog. Based on the things you are looking for absolutely none of the dogs on your list meet your criteria, as a matter of fact I'd say they are all pretty poor choices given your list. If you really want a dog that meets your criteria look at the Basenji, which is known as a barkless dog, has short hair, doesn't shed alot, they are considered hypoallergenic as well. Boxers are fabulous with kids, good size dogs, and do not shed much. As mentioned above the portuguese water dog is hypoallergenic and great for those with allergies. Check out the links below for more info on those breeds, the breeds on your list don't sound like a great fit for what you are REALLY looking for.

  14. dog whisperer says:

    a big dog it seems tha you want. from your list i would choose none because of shedding. labradoodles and goldendoodles do shed depending on the coat they have. some are more like poodles and some more like labs, or goldens. why not a standard poodle? but if you aren't willing to spend the money on grooming every 5 weeks or so, then forget it. but the personality is calm, and friendly. very gentle. but do require exercize. all of the dogs on your list shed terribly, except for the old english. and he's a herding dog, so he needs something to do. borzoi's are pretty active also. check out AKC.ORG and research what these breeds were meant to do. that will give you an idea on the activity level they need. anything with short hair is going to be a shedding problem. if you don't want a shedding dog, then you have to take into account the grooming expense needed to keep the coat in shape and not become a mated mess. i hope you do this because i have seen way too many "Doodles" that have a matted and unkept coat because the owners did not know what they were getting in to.

  15. I think the best thing for your family to do is:

    Go down to your local shelter. There are hundreds of dogs needing loving homes. They may not come with papers. They may not be pure breds. But they need affection, love and a family. Everything you have. Pick out the dog based on the personality.

    Why breed and buy when shelter dogs die?

  16. none of the dogs u mentioned r good for allergies.especially the retrievers and great pyrenese, they shed excessively. american bulldogs dont shed to much, but are a tuff breed to handle and r for people that kno and understand the breed (i have one and think they are by far one of the greatest breeds out there). all of the breeds u have mentioned are great breeds but dont meet ur allergies. since we can only pick from ur list, i would have to say the old english sheepdog as coat is more like hair than fur there for they should shed less and sholdnt be to bad on ur allergies. the doodles would b another consideration as the poodle mix will help to a certain extent. the shedding would be less and they might b ok with ur allergies. u would be better off going with a small dog such as bichon, maltese, mini poodle, yorkie, lhasa, shih tzu, all of which are barkers, theres also the cairn terriers (toto from wizard of oz), scottish terriers, westie terriers, schnauzers. and both the poodles and schnauzers come in a standard size and get around 70 plus pounds, there is also the airedale terriers which are quite large as well. all of these dogs ive mentioned will be good for allergies and they dont shed very much. i think u should try and do some more research on dog breeds. and just because a dog is said to be hypo-allergenic does not mean that u cant and wont b allergic, its just that alot of people how are allergic have a less reaction with certain breeds. and ALL DOGS SHED. just some shed less than others and is a little harder to notice the shedding. and then there are those breeds that do nothing but shed. u should do ALOT more research on dog breeds and talk to ur vet or any vet if u dont aldready have a vet, and see what their recommendations are before u make a decision.

  17. OK think this thing through a bit longer and take your time. Not one of the breeds or mutts you listed is hypoallergenic.A poodle fits the bill and so does a few other breeds. Go the the AKC website and check out all the breeds.
    The first seven you listed all shed . The next two you listed are grooming nightmares and most will also shed and don't always have the temperament you would wish for. The last two would not be on my list to have with a child in the house especially the Chesapeake. Talk to your local vet. They will know breeders in the area and will know what might fit your family very well. Take your time and don't rush. This is at least a ten year commitment so be prepared. Do as much if not more research than you would if you were going to buy a car that you could trade in two years from now if you didn't like it. The perfect fit is worth the wait and probably the expense too.

  18. catiators says:

    I don't know that any dog is really hypoallergenic to any extent. If you have a family member allergic to a dog, you're likely better off without one. You can minimize the impact by keeping the dog clean (bathing at least weekly) and keeping it out of the rooms, particularly bedrooms, of the allergy sufferer, but it's quite likely it won't be enough. You would have to have a strong reason to get a dog under those circumstances. But, if you decide to get a dog, I'd avoid the ''doodles". They are simply mutts, with no predictability as to coat, temperament or type. You might as well go to the shelter and get a mixed breed. Sheepdogs and Pyrenees shed extensively. No dog doesn't shed, though, except maybe Chinese Crested (they don't have much hair) although they have to be bathed very frequently as the natural oil on their skin collects dirt. I would hate to see you get a dog and then have to take it to the shelter because it bothered the allergy sufferer.

  19. ~*~*~Next*Big*Star*~ says:

    the one dog thta seems perfect for your family is not on the list…a poodle. my moms friend has one and they are AWESOME! Exactly wat you are looking for. if you need to choose between a labradoodle or goldendoodle i recoment labradoodle. my grammi has one and she is great with kids and knows alot. if you say sit she sits. if you spell sit ( like say S-I-T-) She sits and if you say it in french or spanish she sits. she is super smart and is a great dog. hope i helped!
    ps: they dont shed,great with kids,dont bark much and my grammi has allergies also and she seems fine with her labradoodle Maggie!

  20. Golden Retiver, I own 1 and it makes a very good family pet

  21. the best kind of non shed dog thats great with kids doesnt require a big yard and doesnt grow too big is a bichon fries i know thats not on ur list but they really make wonderful family pets.

  22. I have a Goldendoodle and he is the best dog ever. They are very gentle and SMART! Hope i helped you XD

  23. theonlytufrose says:

    Poodles or poodle mixes would not shed much.
    I definitely would not get an American Bull dog for a child.

  24. Labordoodle or Goldendoodle

  25. marcusep[email protected] says:

    lab or american bulldog

  26. Pick one of these: Labordoodle or Goldendoodle. Decide by what is available in your area and the quality of the home it is bred in. Look for the wavy/more poodle coat. The dog will need a yard of some sort and frequent walks.

  27. hellosunshine_hb says:

    I'm pretty sure most of those dogs shed considerably.

    Except for the Poodle mixes, and you can probably find plenty of those in your local rescues and shelters. Good luck!

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