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There are about twenty known dog breeds of Russian origin. Russia is one of the countries which have produced a large variety of dogs. Some of them like Borzoi, Black Terrier, and Samoyed are popular worldwide. Other Russian dogs like Caucasian Mountain Dog or Russian Toy are only gaining popularity outside their native country. Learn more...

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central asian- shepherd pup

Large Russian Puppies For Sale 2015

Russian puppies for sale in the US as of May 2015 (last update). This month there are quite a few beautiful puppies of the most popular large Russian dog breeds (Caucasian Ovcharka, Central Asian … [Read More...]

Russian Guards

More Russian Guard Dogs


Beware dog

Dog in Russian

There are several words meaning dog in Russian. The word "dog" also exists in … More

Russian Cuties

Russian Bolonka


Bolonkas relate to small Russian dog breeds of the Bichon type and include the … More...